Destination Rab – Our Home Base

Hey there! This is our very first article, and trust us, it’s gonna get way cooler as the years roll on. But you gotta start somewhere, right?

So, we snagged this sweet apartment on Rab back in 2019 and officially moved in during 2020. Yep, you guessed it, right smack in the first week of the whole pandemic lockdown saga. Talk about a wild welcome to island life! Thankfully, we’ve left that chapter in the rearview mirror. Now, let’s dive into what makes Rab so darn special.

Visiting Rab for a week-long vacay is a whole different ballgame compared to setting up shop for a whole year. Just a heads up, I won’t be writing too much on the off-season vibes in this article. That said, some of the pictures might be from that time. But honestly, you might not even notice the difference, so let’s roll with it.

Take a peek at these two pics. Can you tell which one’s from March and which one’s from July?

How do you get to Rab?

Rab is not connected by bridge, like Krk, Pag, Čiovo which are the only Croatian islands that are connected with a bridge. But unlike some other islands, Rab has great reachability, and especially during the high season. There are 3 ways you can arrive on Rab island.

  1. Catamaran from Rijeka (Rijeka – Rab catamaran). Sails entire year, and the route is Rijeka – Rab – Novalja (Pag island). In peak season, there’s an additional line Rijeka – Rab – Novalja (Pag island) – Zadar. And vice-versa.
  2. Ferry from Stinica (Stinica – Mišnjak (Rab island) ferry). During the day this one sails almost once per hour. During the night you can’t travel. When it’s peak season (July – August) and there are thousands of cars going in both direction Rabska Plovidba starts sailing non-stop.
  3. Ferry from Valbiska (Valbiska (Krk island) – Lopar (Rab island)). Lopar is to the north of the island, and there is a second ferry station.

In the future, we will write more details on these routes (pricing, schedule, trip duration, and so on). Once you set foot on Rab Island, you’ll find an abundance of things to do, sights to see, and experiences to savor. Now, let’s kick things off with hotels, since that’s our main theme on this website.

Rapska fjera is a captivating historical reenactment and festival held on the island of Rab in Croatia. During this event, the island’s inhabitants vividly showcase their rich history, providing an engaging experience for tourists and visitors.

Old Town Rab

Hotels on Rab

There are seven hotels on Rab island. They are:

  • Hotel Arbiana (four stars – * * * * )
  • Hotel Barbat (three stars – * * * )
  • Hotel Epario (three stars – * * * )
  • Hotel International (three stars – * * * )
  • Imperial Valamar Collection Hotel (four stars – * * * * )
  • San Marino Sunny Resort by Valamar (three stars – * * * )
  • Valamar Padova Hotel (four stars – * * * * )
  • Valamar Carolina Hotel & Villas (four stars – * * * * )

Obviously, the idea is to cover them in great detail over the following months, so stay tuned. But here’s one photo as a sneak-peek of first hotel on the list – Arbiana.

Hotel Arbiana – September 2023

Restaurants on Rab

Now, when the high season hits (that’s July and August, folks!), and everything’s buzzing, there are restaurants galore. I mean, there are so many that trying to list them all would be like trying to count all the grains of sand on the beach.

So, we’ve put together a nifty top 10 list. These are some spots that might not be considered the absolute crème de la crème of Rab’s dining scene, but they each bring something special to the table. It wouldn’t make sense to present a top 10 list where, say, half of them are seafood joints, and you’re a die-hard vegan or just not a fish fan. That kind of list? Totally wouldn’t do you any favors, would it?

Here they are in alphabetical order on September 13, 2023:

  • Buža (fast-food – Rab)
  • Capo Fronte (vegan – Rab)
  • Restoran Creshendo (Pizza, fish, meat, Mexican, pasta, risotto – Lopar)
  • Gonar (fish, meat, pizza, vegeterian – Supetarska Draga)
  • Konoba Rab (fish, meat – Rab)
  • Leut (fish, meat, steak – Barbat)
  • Luna gostionica (not a la carte, lunch or dinner for €7.5 – Rab)
  • Restaurant Perla (meat, steak, fish – Banjol)
  • Vista Restaurant (fish, steak – Supetarska Draga)
  • Šanpjer (fish restaurant – Rab)

Worthy mention, our neighbours and friends

Fish plate in Velum Rab
Fish plate in Velum Rab

Ah, gotta give a special shoutout to our neighbors and buddies who run a rad restaurant. Just a heads up, we’re a tad biased here, but they totally deserve a spot on this list.

First up, Dock 69. Their pizzas are the stuff of legend, but don’t sleep on their fish and meat dishes either. And oh, do yourself a favor and ask for the Morcic beer. Trust us on this.

Next, we’ve got Labirint, nestled in the old town of Rab. These folks whip up a mean spread of meat and fish delights, not to mention killer pasta and risotto.

Then there’s Velum. These guys are all about variety – meat, fish, pizza, pasta, risotto, and they’ve got a whole bunch of veggie options too. Rab, you’re spoiled for choice here.

We’ve been known to stop by at these spots quite often, and we’ve checked out each and every one at least once. It’s a real bummer we can’t squeeze in all the other awesome restaurants, but hey, we’ve got to stick to a top 10, right? Cheers to good eats on Rab!


Consider this our very first draft, folks. We’re just dipping our toes into this exciting project, and trust us, there are hundreds of articles, hotel reviews, and more coming your way in the months and years ahead.

But here’s the deal: Rab is way more than just its beaches, hotels, and restaurants. We’re on a mission to show you all the hidden gems and lesser-known wonders that make this island truly special.

Now, let’s chat about those photos up there. Sure, they’re nice, but they don’t even come close to capturing the real essence of Rab. We often have a chuckle at the tourists attempting to snap that perfect sunset shot. I mean, it’s a daily occurrence here—both the stunning sunsets and the tourists giving it their best shot.

But here’s the kicker: It’s impossible. You just can’t fully grasp the sheer beauty of this island through a photo, an article, or even a video.

Oh, speaking of videos, I just had a flashback to a few months back when I managed to record a video of dolphins frolicking near one of our beaches. It was nothing short of breathtaking, and we can’t wait to share moments like that with you. Stay tuned for more adventures, Rab-style!

Dolphins near a beach on Rab

You’ve hit the nail on the head. Spotting dolphins near the shore is a rarity, especially during the peak season. Yet, it’s one of those magical moments that truly highlights the beauty of this island. It’s a vivid example of how Rab’s charm is nearly impossible to fully capture, no matter how hard you try.

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