Bol: Croatia’s Golden Horn Beauty

Well, in my humble opinion, Bol, with its Zlatni Rat beach (Golden Horn Beach), easily ranks as one of the most breathtaking spots I’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting. I wholeheartedly suggest that you make it a point to experience it at least once in your lifetime. And just in case you’re still on the fence, here are a few potential reasons why:

  • Vacation
  • Romantic getaway
  • Wedding anniversary
  • Croatia destination wedding
  • Flexing, boost your Social Media channel with powerful photos
  • Awesome wind-surfing location
  • Bucket list

Personally, I felt a compelling need to witness that beach firsthand. I recall someone telling me, “When you’re actually on the beach, the ‘horn’ isn’t really what you notice. You just realize you’re on an incredible stretch of sand.” Haha, there’s a nugget of truth in that. Nonetheless, I’ll never forget those tranquil morning meditations on that very beach during our stay.

This place is magical!

Zlatni Rat-Golden Horn Beach

How do you get to Bol and Brač?

Brač stands apart from islands like Krk, Pag, and Čiovo, as it isn’t linked by a bridge. However, unlike certain other islands, Brač boasts excellent accessibility, particularly in the high season. You’ve got several options at your disposal to make your way to Brač island and ultimately settle in the charming town of Bol.

Pučišća- Coastal town on the island of Brač
  1. Ferry from Split (Split – Supetar (island Brač)). Sails the entire year, and the route is from Split to Supetar (island Brač) with a ferry. When you arrive at Supetar, you have to drive to Bol. The timetable for 2023 is shown below.
  2. Catamaran from Dubrovnik (Dubrovnik – Bol). Direct line by catamaran.
  3. Catamaran from Hvar (Hvar (Hvar island) – Bol). Similar to the Dubrovnik line, this one is a direct catamaran line from Hvar. This one actually also starts in Dubrovnik (Dubrovnik – Korčula – Hvar – Bol – Split). So if you are using this one from Hvar to Bol, don’t forget to get off when you arrive in Bol. Otherwise, you’ll end up in Split.
  4. Catamaran from Jelsa (Jelsa (Hvar island) – Bol (Brač island) – Split). This catamaran line connects Jelsa (Hvar island) with Split (mainland), and it stops in Bol. This is also one of the best “island hopping” moves you can make. Power move, visiting Hvar and Brač.
  5. Catamaran from Korčula (Korčula island) – Bol (Brač island)
  6. Catamaran from Split (Split – Bol). This is a direct line from the mainland. Great if you are arriving by plane, train, or ship via Split. Speaking of arriving by plane…
  7. Airport on Brač. Brač has its own airport, and there are lines from Zagreb but also from Munich, Graz, Frankfurt, and others. Once you arrive at the airport, you need to hire a shuttle service to drive (20 minutes) to Bol.
Jadrolinija – Ferry Split – Supetar – Voyage duration 50 minutes

In the future, I’ll delve into the finer points of these routes, including pricing, schedules, trip durations, and the like.

Once you touch down on Brač Island, you’ll find an abundance of activities, sights, and experiences waiting for you. Let’s kick things off with a tour of Bol and its neighboring areas, which stretch all the way to the renowned Zlatni Rat beach. We’re talking hotels, restaurants, and a whole lot more. Stay tuned!

Hotels in Bol

There are plenty of hotels to choose from in Bol.

  • Boutique Hotel Bol (four stars – * * * *)
  • Zlatni Rat Beach Resort (three stars – * * *)
  • Hotel Kaštil (three stars – * * *)
  • Lifestyle Hotel Vitar (four stars – * * * *)
  • Bluesun Hotel Elaphusa (four stars – * * * *)
  • Bluesun Hotel Bonaca All Inclusive (four stars – * * * *)
  • Bluesun Hotel Borak (three stars – * * *)
  • Bretanide Sport & Wellness Resort (four stars – * * * *)
  • Hotel Villa Amorena (three stars – * * *)
  • Hotel Villa Daniela (three stars – * * *)
  • Villa Giardino Heritage Boutique Hotel (four stars – * * * *)

Obviously, the idea is to cover them in great detail over the following months and years, so stay tuned.

Restaurants in Bol

Small coastal restaurant on a beach in Bol town, Brac island, Croatia – Shutterstock

During the high season in July and August, when everything is in full swing, there’s an abundance of restaurants. Listing them all would be a bit overwhelming, to say the least.

So, we’ve decided to curate a top 5 list. It just wouldn’t make sense to present a list where all five are seafood joints, especially if you’re a vegan or simply not into fish. That kind of top 5 wouldn’t do you any favors, would it? We’re here to help you find the best spots that suit your palate!

Here’s our list:

  • Argento (meat, fish, risotto, steak)
  • Boket78 (Risotto, pasta, fish, meat, vegeterian)
  • BioMania Bistro Bol (Vegeterian, Vegan)
  • Pumparela (Meat, fish, pasta, risotto)
  • Konoba Dinko (Pasta, risotto, fish, meat)

Perhaps the best beach in Croatia

Zlatni Rat beach (Golden Cape)

Well, if not the absolute best, then certainly the most one-of-a-kind beach in all of Croatia.

What sets it apart, you ask? Well, beyond its distinct shape, the beach itself is quite expansive. As evidenced in the photo above, it’s easily discernible even from a considerable distance. Spanning roughly half a kilometer in length, and with shores on both sides, it accommodates a substantial number of tourists. The sands are often adorned with towels, beach umbrellas, and an array of beach paraphernalia, adding to its vibrant atmosphere.

Zlatni Rat beach, also known as the Golden Horn beach, is a naturally occurring wonder. Thanks to its enchanting shape, it enjoys protection under Croatian law, akin to that of a national park or nature reserve.

Get ready for a mind-blowing fact: Zlatni Rat beach is no static scene. It undergoes a remarkable transformation throughout the year. While it’s not unheard of for a beach to shift due to the ebb and flow of waves, currents, and forceful winds, the dynamic nature of this ‘horn’ is truly awe-inspiring. And if the beach is on the move because of some powerful gusts, well, so can you be, provided you’re into windsurfing! Bol boasts several windsurfing spots, with Beach Borak being another confirmed choice for enthusiasts.


Think of this as our initial foray into exploring the wonders of Bol. We’re just kicking things off with, and trust us, there’s a tidal wave of articles, hotel reviews, and more heading your way. As nice as the photos above may be, they only scratch the surface of what Bol has to offer. So, stay tuned for the full experience!

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