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I’m Goran Duskic, the brains behind Pametni upiti d.o.o. (Smart Queries d.o.o.). The reason why we’re called Pametni upiti is a tale for another time.

Just yesterday, on September 8th, 2023, I registered the domain eHotel.hr. It is undoubtedly a nice addition to my collection of about 50 domains. I don’t just collect domains, as I run about a dozen websites. I’m all about website investing – it’s a pretty profitable hobby that grew out of my earlier gig in domain flipping. If you’re curious about that, I even wrote a guide on it.

By day, I’m connecting programmers worldwide with various API solutions through my other company, WhoAPI Inc. This is also a hint as to why Pametni upiti (Smart Queries) is called that name.

Over at eHotel.hr, I’ve got some artistic backup from none other than my wife, Diana Hlevnjak. She’s the creative force handling illustrations, design, and all things artistic. Diana also does her thing at Polar Vectors, one of our Pametni upiti d.o.o. brands.

Goran Duskic in Hotel Admiral in Zagreb (Rooms available on Booking.com)

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25 years ago, I dropped out of hospitality high school. Today, I am embarking on the journey with eHotel.hr.

Back in my teenage years, to put it lightly, I made a detour from the traditional high school path. The whole hospitality scene just wasn’t my thing. So, why did I even sign up?

You see, my well-meaning parents, God bless them, had this notion that I had a knack for foreign languages and that I was a “people person”. In Croatia, tourism was a rock-solid job market for countless locals.

Fast forward twenty-four years, and here I am, coming full circle, diving headfirst into a hospitality project. It’s funny how life works out, isn’t it?

Working in Hotel Icici (Rooms available on Booking.com for season 2024)

Why are we starting eHotel.hr?

From what I’ve gathered, there’s a substantial presence of approximately 1000 hotels in Croatia. That’s a promising market, and that’s not even factoring in the extensive array of suppliers, camps, resorts, private accommodations, and various other ventures that fall beyond our scope.

Hotels possess a unique allure, extending far beyond the big names like the Marriotts, Hiltons, Sheratons, and Radissons. There’s an indescribable charm to a family-owned boutique hotel that sets it apart.

So, the opportunity here is palpable. Croatia boasts an abundance of stunning hotels. Having dealt in a variety of sales, both online and offline, throughout my life, I’ve arrived at a juncture where I’m eager to delve into the realm of hotel sales. Trust me, selling a remarkable hotel is a far more straightforward endeavor than trying to hawk something that’s either dysfunctional, overly intricate, a sham, or whatever else people are pushing these days.

The comfort, the amenities, the break from the usual routine

My very first encounter with a hotel was to clock in for my shift. Back in high school, it was part and parcel of my training to get hands-on experience in various departments of a hotel – reception, restaurant, laundry, pool, room service – the whole shebang. I went through it all, top to bottom, before eventually bowing out.

Oh, and did I mention, I wasn’t getting paid for my efforts? The only time I saw any money was when a Russian guest handed me a generous tip of 100 Croatian Kuna (that’s about $14.2) just because I helped him open his safe.

Now, I don’t usually stutter, but let me tell you, when I laid eyes on that 100 kuna bill, I was a bit lost for words!

That moment, though, was pretty much the pinnacle of my time there. Most days were a mix of standing still (at the reception) and breaking a sweat in the scorching 35°C (95°F) heat while tending to tasks like pool cleaning and laundry. And let’s not even get started on trying to juggle English, German, Italian, French, and Czech all in one day. Hungarian? Well, that was a lost cause – I’d just resort to wild hand gestures!

But here’s the thing: Working in a hotel is one story, and truly relishing your time there is a whole different ball game. Clean sheets, fresh towels, a picturesque view, delectable cuisine, and a sprawling pool – the list goes on. Imagine doing all that for work! I mean, not just enjoying it all, but also sharing that incredible experience with others who are considering that very hotel. It’s a game-changer, isn’t it?

Our aim is to provide you with personalized and candid reviews to help you find the perfect hotel for your specific needs.

To be continued…

As I pointed out earlier, I secured the domain just yesterday. As you can probably tell, the website is, well, on the modest side. That being said, there’s a considerable amount of groundwork left to cover. A trip of a thousand miles starts with the first step, as they say.

As we make headway, I’ll make sure to swing by here and keep you in the loop with any developments. My hope is that it’ll provide you with a clearer picture of our mission and what we’re striving to achieve.